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Is your parrot a fan of music?

Itís been fun trying out different kinds of music for Tori! As she is in the middle of molting right now and has been a bit on the grumpy (Iím trying to be polite here) side , a couple of days ago I put a radio next to her cage and it really seemed to soothe her. After some experimentation I have found that she is not a country fan, HATES classical, and prefers classic rock! The crazy thing is, I broke down and bought her an Amazon Alexa today! I noticed that while Tori enjoys the music on the radio, the commercials drive her CRAZY! Now I can set her Alexa to play whatever is keeping her happy at the moment with NO COMMERCIALS! They even have a station for birds (though I wasnít very impressed with it).

Are your feathered friends music fans?
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