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Re: New to parrots/birds

Quote: Originally Posted by Rgurski View Post
Hello my name is Rebecca. Almost a yr ago I acquired a yellow naped Amazon. His name is Henry and he is about 12 yrs old, one owner who passed away. I read a bit before I accepted him but need help in many areas. I have some issues handling him as he bit me back in November so Iím a bit skittish with him however I have made some progress. He has issues with not sitting on my arm he is constant shouldering and difficult to get back in cage I fear putting my hand up on my shoulder to get him to step up. So much I want to do with him please help

Welcome to the forum Rebecca and Henry. When you accepted Henry, were you familiar with the previous owner's method of communication with him? It helps a bit knowing some history so that you can continue with some familiar methods of his care and communication. However, you will be creating unique bonds with him yourself as your relationship progresses.

We have a wealth of info on Amazons and a few very knowledgeable members so you will get heaps of assistance from them. I see that you are already in the Amazon section so keep reading....lots of info in the I love amazon sticky...keep reading...also look up bite pressure training and biting. All the best.
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