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Re: Young Eclectus coming soon, help me shop!

Quote: Originally Posted by Snarlla View Post
That last was a video uploaded to imgur, not sure why it doesn't work.

Today, he refused breakfast formula twice. But he's eating food. I'm not sure. Maybe I will start a new thread about it. I read that they wean at an average of 14 weeks, but some can take as long as 6 months. He's almost 15 weeks now (3.3 months). The shop told me to continue feeding 2x a day for ~3-4 weeks, then 1x a day for another ~2-3 weeks.

I agree Snarlla. At this stage the Breeding/Raising parrot section would get the expert advice. This location and thread title won't get the answers that you need at the moment. I'll keep following you over there and hope that you do well. I've never had to feed formula so all the best. I'm sure someone will be able to help and encourage you once you get into the right section to get the answers needed.
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