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Question Nervous to bring home new baby! Tips?

Was planning on getting a male Eclectus last year around December, it ended up being a scam and we lost 900$.. I should have been more attentive.

Finally decided to get one once again, from a REPUTABLE breeder, they've been wonderful!

He's really young right now and will be ready around November, he will be shipped from Texas to North Dakota and I know that's a long trip.

Do you recommend putting him in the cage right away and leaving him alone for a day?
Opening his crate and continuing with our day like normal and let him come out by himself and interact a little?

Really nervous for him to come home even though it's still going to be a couple of months. I've done GALLONS of research but any tips for a new Eclectus owner would be greatly appreciated!

Also would love some name suggestions! I was going to name the one I was going to get Merlin, but I really like the name Atlas but would love to hear some suggestions and your guys' input!

Thank you for everything in advance!
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