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A more compassionate approach to Pet owners from the "Non West"

Hi all

This is with reference to the recent thread on the person from India who wrongly released his pet rose ringed parakeet.

I favour a more patient approach in dealing with such members because good quality welfare literature is not available in the various languages of India and possibly rest of Asia , Africa etc. Most of the good literature is available in English and this is accessible only to the highly educated.

So anyone approaching for help, even if they have made a grave mistake like releasing a human bonded pet bird into the wild need to be dealt with greater compassion.

So my appeal to the moderators especially Scott to reopen that thread so that we can continue to help that person at least for the sake of his Pet Alexandrine. In my assessment, despite his fault, the best future for that Alexandrine is for it to remain with him. At least he is willing to communicate and learn, albeit in his own crude way.

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