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Re: What would you pay for these? +Other things

The value of Art is a combination of the cost to create and the value perceived in the eye of the beholder. What is loved dearly by one is passed-up by another. It is the oddity of Art. I understand that I didn't answer your question, but that is the World of Art.

Digital transfer can result in serious issues as you commented upon as there is also the quality of the customer's printer and paper. This can easily cause a customer to demand a refund. There are services that can take your digital file and print on the paper to your specification (there are limits) and ship to your customer. This can move the ship point closer to your customer and limit shipping costs, especially with international shipping.

If you normally create in water color on mounted canvas, you are faced with creating digital file and special reprinting equipment by a vendor or your buying this expense equipment.

I'm not an Artist, not even stick drawings, but do buy Art and have friends that are truly great Artists. Each have worked long and hard to develop their mediums and vision. If you're at a point where you are simply looking at how to get your works in the hands of your customers, the internet is filled with organization that specialize in getting it to them.

With hope, this 'bump' will get your Thread back up on the Board and one of our talented individuals may share with you their experiences.

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