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Thumbs up Re: My untamed cockatiel got spooked while training this morning.

I hope everyone can see this, I don't usually post on forums
Thank you all so much for your help and advice, i'll be sure to take them to heart!

I really was impatient, and need to get to know my birds language, rather than trying to force mine on her..
And yes, the first few days really do feel like an eternity or two

I'll be sure to follow your tips, and read up on more cockatiel training

Small update on my birdy Navi: She was very wary of me all day, seemed very tired most of the time, and almost reached in for another bite while i changed her food/water, but I guess that's my fault in the first place
Did not chirp either all day, which she usually would every now and then.

Thank all of you again!
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