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Re: Texas Tiels Thread.

Quote: Originally Posted by Txcockatielguy View Post
FIRST of all I don't want anyone taking this as a complaint rather just very curious. It never ceases to amaze me when I look at this thread since I started it and note the number of views. What's frustrating is few (if any response.) If it were not for folks like noodles and a few moderators, there'd be no response at all! Are you guys REALLY that shy or just don't have anything to say? Heck, if nothing else, post about YOUR bird(s.) I can report that we are done to 13 tiels now. We sold one of the younger females from the last clutch yesterday. Even though we were in the early stages of teaching her to step up, this girl was tickled to death with this little pied female.

I read this thread pretty much daily, but never seem to have much time for posting. Reading the posts on here is what I do when I have a moment to breathe. I donít always have enough time to contribute to discussions but I LOVE hearing about all your birds and seeing the photos. You have a very beautiful flock!

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