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Re: Rehoming an Alexandrine in Texas

That's really tricky. I have an Alex and a Mynah bird and I am currently thinking about rehoming my Mynah - although I may have decided to keep her and work with her more unless a specific home I would like for her gets in touch.

In terms of the screaming I have found this useful....I have found my Alex boy has started to shout A LOT more since I've been home more. It's a tough battle, but I have found that covering him when he shouts and uncovering soon after he stops is working at the moment, but it is labour intensive! I don't interact with him at all when I cover him and I don't interact with him much when I uncover him, but I do say hello. I also am putting all his pellets in a foraging toy so he has to work his brain when he wants to eat and also keeps his beak busy for a while. Letting him out in the day helps, we have an aviary on the end of our house so when the weather is OK he can go into that for a few hours, even in the autumn as long as the room his cage is in is warm and there is sun outside I do let him out. He can fly back into the house when he's ready. He has never been out of the cage all day though and is used to a couple of hours a day out in the evenings in the week and more time at the weekend. Also I cover him at 9pm and uncover between 10am and 11am so he gets plenty of sleep. I've also had to think about him eating high energy foods and reduced these.

In terms of rehoming it is really tough. From when you have said I would agree that a sanctuary or at least an aviary with other birds sounds good.
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