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Exclamation Green Cheek Conure Clipped Wings questions!

Hey everyone! I am talking with a local breeder about getting a conure for the first time! But they just informed me that their wings are clipped. I don't plan to keep their wings clipped, as I want my bird to be able to live normally.

So I have a few questions I wanna ask before I purchase from them.

The baby just got weaned off of their formula, so won't clipping their wings mess up how they fly when they grow back?
How long does it take for the feathers to grow back?
Is it normal for babies to be clipped before learning to fly?
Are there any issues I should expect because of this?

I really wanted to get this bird from them, but I don't know how I feel about the wings being clipped. I want my bird to be able to fly around the house, since their isn't anything in my house they could hurt themselves on. The breeder said it should be about 4 months till they grow back, so that means it wasn't their secondary feathers? I really want this bird, but I will not purchase them if they will not be able to ever fly normally due to this.

Sorry for the longish post, and thanks to everyone who is able to help!
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