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Pinkbirdy 04-06-2014 11:03 AM

I have Zon fever bad !
I don't know whats gotten into me [I think its all the shelter zons :)] .I really love my bluefrnt and was looking for a different species and maybe a girl this time. I wasn't sure how I was going to go . Maybe a baby or a rehome or retired breeder. I was really liking yellow napes . As I called some on craigslist . I was sure that was the way to go . Everyone I called was they didn't have time for ,and was kept in the cage [most didn't feed them more than seed diets ] .So their was my answer!!!. I knew these birds would be happier with me.Half the birds ive gotten are rehomes . When I go to see them of course they don't love me. But when I get them home they always "choose " someone . As long as I can get them out of their house [I just enjoy them]..So at first I was talking to this guy who had a 10 year old nape for a 1000. I talked him down but didn't return my calls forever. So I saw this double yellow head that was female and 10 . The girl had a 2 yr old and went back to work . The bird was becoming jealous of the baby . She was not let out . I thought heres my bird . I went Thursday 2 hrs away to get her . What a love [I thought she would be a mad bird ] I can pet her and shes hung out on my arm . Has been fed crap food [but things will change now ]. You should hear her talk . Such a joy . I feel she was meant to be :) Lexi ,the double yellow head girl:D

labell 04-06-2014 11:07 AM

Re: I have Zon fever bad !
Yep, Zon fever is in the air. I have a terrible case, incurable I am certain until I find the right one.
Congrats on your please.:D

BirdyMomma 04-06-2014 11:10 AM

Re: I have Zon fever bad !
They will do that to you. It's highly incurable.

prsgirl77 04-06-2014 06:25 PM

Re: I have Zon fever bad !
Me too. Its incurable I reckon. I already have two and a third on the way :)

jenphilly 04-06-2014 06:35 PM

Re: I have Zon fever bad !
me too or whatever count we are up to!!!!

I just ran how far you are, but you're like 4 hours to the shelter :(

Find a rescue and adopt!! Or a find a rehome on craigslist. So many wonderful zons out there looking, its really sad. And I was just going over applications for adoption and have a pile of them... only 1 person who said she would 'consider' a zon, is really sad!!

torrap 04-06-2014 06:53 PM

Re: I have Zon fever bad !
You are going to LOVE her! Congrats!!
That's what happened to me. My Simba just wanted to sing and talk to me from the first time we've met.
One year later she is just a sweetest thing and I love her back.
I got mine when she was 10. At this age they are very young still.
So, what does Lexi say? What is she singing, if she is singing? And we want pictures........... :)

Pinkbirdy 04-06-2014 07:54 PM

Re: I have Zon fever bad !
She let me pet her [and talked the whole way home]. Shes very interactive . Shes yells "Come here " Come See me " How are you " Im a good girl " . I said your such A nice bird she said ' AWE" . She keeps calling me "Julia" [That's my daughters name LOL] .Wheres Owen ? [That's my Rb2]. Im surprised shes picking up are names aleady. She says "Really" and "Omg" . Ive heard a little singing [not like my other zons opera singing ] . have to try and tape her.

henpecked 04-06-2014 08:59 PM

Re: I have Zon fever bad !
Welcome to the dark side, keepers of the evil zons.

Erivera41509 04-07-2014 03:38 AM

Re: I have Zon fever bad !
Hi everyone. I'm new here, what is zons? :)

getwozzy 04-07-2014 12:04 PM

Re: I have Zon fever bad !
She sounds like a big sweetheart!!! When do we get to see pics of Lexi?? :D

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