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Old 05-08-2019, 01:14 AM
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Re: Please helpe me.urgent!!

Quote: Originally Posted by texsize View Post
By professional help the best thing would be a breeder near you.
It sounds like you are doing a good job.
You don't want to heat him/her up to much. a heat lamp is not ideal. A brood box is what is best.

In My Opinion (and it's only my opinion) he looks like he has enough feathers on him he should be able to regulate his body temperature with minimal help.

I have raised 2 clutches of Cockatiels and was forced to separate the babies from the parents because the adults were pulling feathers off the babies.

I was not prepared for this and had to make my own brood box. You can find instructions for that on good old youTube but you must use UTMOST caution to monitor temperature.

My brood box was a Tuperware type box with a folded up towel inside and a heating pad set on low OUTSIDE and underneath one end of the box.
But I got very little sleep for a while getting up every 2 hours to check on them.

If you can't find a breeder a certified avian vet can give you a lot of help.
You should take your little angel to see the vet in any case to make sure his is doing well.

Oh almost forgot. Measure his weight every day in the morning with a gram capable scale. Very important to track his growth.
thanks a lot. Very helpful.
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Scott  (05-11-2019)
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Old 05-11-2019, 01:09 AM
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Re: Please helpe me.urgent!!

As far as a name is concerned, perhaps something in Chinese that best describes your beautiful bird!
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ChocolateChipCookiez (05-11-2019)
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Old 05-11-2019, 07:49 AM
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Re: Please helpe me.urgent!!

Okay, so what specie of parrot is your baby? At 10 weeks-old, most species are weaning onto solid food at that point...But the major reason why baby parrots who are being handfed formula become sick is because the formula is not being kept between an exact 104 degreesF to 110 degrees F all the time with a cooking thermometer...If it's even one degree below 104 degrees F they develop a horrible Yeast infection in their crops; if it's even 1 degree above 110 degrees F it will cause burns to their crop...But typically the issue is that the formula is too cold, which causes a Yeast infection, which will eventually kill them without a Certified Avian Vet prescribing the correct Anti-Fungal medication after doing a test to ensure that it is a yeast infection...

Have you been using a candy/cooking thermometer every time to make sure the formula is within that temperature range? If not you need to get one at Walmart for $15-$20, with a metal-probe on it in the kitchen department, and make sure you keep it in the formula at all times...At 10 weeks he should have most of his outer-feathers, so the ambient-temperature he's being kept in shouldn't matters any longer, as he should be in his first weaning-cage. But the formula temperature is the most important aspect of hand-feeding a bird...

If he is still lethargic, not moving around, sleeping a lot, vomits, has droppings with bubbles in them or that is very runny or loose, etc., then he needs an Avian Vet immediately...
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ChocolateChipCookiez (05-11-2019)
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Old 05-11-2019, 04:52 PM
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Re: Please helpe me.urgent!!

I do know an experienced breeder in Lis Angeles (I live a couple of hours away). I have purchased all my fids from him, including SassyByrd. If you still need help let me know and I’ll hunt down his information. He taught me to finish up my Suns with a fair amount of confidence. He has spent many hours with me both at his home and over the phone. English is his second language but we managed. Good luck! -Jen
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