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Old 01-20-2011, 11:29 PM
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Odd pose

So we're at the end of the month long quarantine with the newly acquired Amazon. I wheeled his cage PARTWAY into the door of my other birds room so they can all see each other. The amazon, who is apparently about 20-30 yrs old (so I'm told) is leaning forward head down, sort of fanning his tail and making a constant goose honk. What is that? Is he saying hi to them, angry, wanting a love buddy, what?!?! I don't know Amazons. I'm so stressed out. I know I can never let them out when he's around, but I don't want him to never see another bird again. He's not too friendly, he bites and lunges and I know that he would make a snack out of my other birds. If they were to climb or fly onto his cage, he would rip their feet off, I know it. He lunges badly all the time. One moment I can pet him a little tentatively through the cage, the next he's trying to bite through the bars to rip my finger off, it's quite violent and frightening. I want to help this bird, I want him happy and not lonely. I certainly don't want him to end up in a basement again as a throwaway bird going from place to place. Man I don't know what to do.
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Old 01-21-2011, 07:02 AM
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Re: Odd pose

The pose is an Amzon thing. Fred does it when he wants come to me, to go back to his cage, etc. I have little birds as well, and when they are out, Fred is caged. The risk is high for injury if they are all out together. Fred enjoys going to the""sleep room" with the others at the end of the day. They all sleep in the same room.
A month is not long with a new bird like an Amazon. Spend time with him, talk softly to him, give him treats, don't push him, and just wait. He'll learn to trust you, and things will get better in regards to handling. I did have to establish some "rules" with Fred in regards to biting. He responded well to a firm NO, and once he loved me, he didn't seem to want to displease me. Now, if he gets a little rough, I just say "be careful", and he responds to that. Life is great with an Amazon!
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Old 01-21-2011, 08:07 PM
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Re: Odd pose

Ozzy does the same exact pose. His eyes sometime pin when he does this and Ive come to assume its a pose he makes when he is excited. However, this also is sometimes angry excitement as well, if thats makes sense, (I have a toy he wants and wont give it to him fast enough, I picked up the treats but it was just to move them not to give him one etc). There are a few of us on here with rescue Amazons that have been through this same process of learning what their movements mean and getting to know them and gain trust. I have come a long way with Ozzy but it has been six months and he is my only bird so gets all my attention. A month is NOTHING when it comes to gaining the trust of these super smart and super moody birds.
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