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Bereavement Bereave for our lost pets

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Old 10-15-2012, 10:09 AM
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Re: Hard decision

Forgive me but I don't see where there has been any attempt with professional training. Dogs do not attack for "no reason" rather we may not have enough knowledge to understand the reason.

I work in pitbull rescue and for them it is common to need to be the only dog or animal in the house. I had 2 and now have 1 because my female couldn't accept the male. It took 6 months to find him a new home and he had no issues. I worked with behaviorist and while some techniques lessened her aggression towards him it never did eliminate it. It was stressful to always be on guard and to mange them so that none of her what became many triggers against him would be activated. It never dawned on me to kill her as she has never been people aggressive. She was here first so I worked tirelessly to find my male a home. He has been gone a month and it feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders.

I know you were hoping for a bunch of pats on the back telling you that killing that dog is the right decisions. I hope you understand on a public forum many people are going to have different experiences and opinions. Of course ultimately its in your hands but it sounds to me anyway you haven't exercised your other re homing the dogs that have no animal aggression issues and fulfilling your irresponsibility to this dog to name a few. although as i re-read your post it seems you have alot of dogs. You must know these kinds of issues can come up when you try to have large packs of dogs .
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Old 10-15-2012, 05:15 PM
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Re: Hard decision

I am a dog trainer and rehaber myself, I also train horses and am active in rescue locally. I have trained dogs from puppyhood, to serious behavior problems and am by no means perfect, if someone else is able to do what I can't I would gladly take the help. I was a vet tech for 4 years. I have worked extensively with Bhilis for 2 years, while it is true that dogs do not attack for no reason, I thought it too detailed to put on the forum, she is aggressive to the next dominant female in the pack, when that female was removed she redirected her aggression to another female. She has several other issues that are not really relevant in this situation as well. I have worked tirelessly to give her the best life possible. I had her placed in a situation that worked for her, as stated in the original post and have been actively searching for a home for her for 2 years. She needs to be in a single dog home without a doubt. Unfortunately I have had no luck with placing her and she is a danger not only to the other animals but me as well, not from aggression, but from breaking up fights. I have been bitten before, which is not the end of the world, but since she is a rottweiler and my other dogs are rottis, a pit bull, and a shepherd/akita mix it is very dangerous for everyone.

If you feel that you would be better suited to help her, by all means, let me know. This is not something that I take lightly nor one that will ever sit well with me, however I am no longer able to continue with life in my household as it is.

In my earlier post I also discussed how I did rehome another dog because of the behavior problems associated with Bhilis. I also had to euthanize a dog due to injuries incurred from a fight and complications of old age. I have had to keep all dogs separated for 2 years which is obviously difficult though I would continue to do it, however regardless of strict policies, accidents happen and when fights occur it is a very serious matter.

I did not open up about this for pats on the back, just some emotional relief as those around me ie; family and some friends, don't understand the situation and see it as no big deal to put her to sleep, which for me has been very difficult to come to terms with.
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