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Old 12-27-2020, 01:40 AM
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What Next?

Hello! I currently have a cockatiel, and am wondering what I should get next?
I've had a quaker parrot before.

I would like a parrot that is medium size and relatively easy to train. The ones that are able to pick stuff up are cool. Like for example cockatiels and parakeets don't hold food/toys in their beak/feet for long periods of time whilst a conure or cockatoo does. My original wish was to freeflight train my cockatiel, but after reaching out to several trainers I found out they refuse to train cockatiels due to their small size and the dangers that accompany that.
I wouldn't like anything large, a macaw or cockatoo is a big no. I want something that is relatively social with their human companions. I would like to stay in the 100-500 $ range.
So in all, I am wondering what type of medium-sized, easily trained bird I should get next?

Thank you to anyone who helps!

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Old 12-27-2020, 08:39 AM
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Re: What Next?

From the recent prices I have seen that 500 won’t even buy a conure.

I wish you good luck.
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SailBoat Supporting Member (12-27-2020)
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Old 12-27-2020, 09:11 AM
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Re: What Next?

Larger Parrots commonly mean longer life. Parrots in general require medical support and the longer life Parrots increase that need. Living in an RV and with the implication that you plan to travel may limit you for access to stable Avian Medical care unless you plan to limit your travel within a much smaller area.

Medium size Parrots also imply larger beaks and RV's are not designed to withstand an active larger beak.

Available space. The larger the Parrot the larger the cage and general space needed.

Noise! As Parrots get larger, commonly, their ability to create louder noises follow closely. RV's are not known for their abilities to limit sound transfer and in the average RV Park, neighbors are close by with equally thin walls.

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Old 12-27-2020, 11:21 PM
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Re: What Next?

Maybe a small parrot with a big parrot disposition ? Poicephalus species has many variations. We have experience with red bellies, they are wonderful and just as smart and sophisticated as their big brothers and sisters.
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SailBoat Supporting Member (12-28-2020)
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Old 12-28-2020, 12:02 AM
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Re: What Next?

As I read your post I was...put off, for lack of a better term, something wasn’t right. The. I saw it: you live in an RV and are fairly mobile. You don’t have ROOM for another parrot. Also, I’m worried about your perception of your cockatiel, which your me...sounds like a disappointment to you and are looking for something “better”.

Yes the trainers are giving you accurate western perceptions: generally you don’t free flight train anything smaller than a medium sized parrot since they are too small to see and too quiet to find if they fly off, and too easily picked off by predators mid flight.

Perhaps wait until you’re more settled, then reevaluate your budget. Unless your looking on Craigslist (good luck there), have connections, or stumble on someone desperate to get rid of their bird, you’re NOT getting a medium parrot on that budget.
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