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Breeding/Raising Parrots A place for the discussion of breeding and raising baby parrots.

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Old 10-14-2013, 10:29 AM
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Re: Hazards of buying an unweaned baby!

On a youtube parrot site, there was a "breeder" advertising fertilized eggs for sale. Even worse, after posting a comment criticizing the practice, somebody defended it, and said I did not know what I was talking about, that it was perfectly "OK." Unfortunately there are a lot of unethical people in the pet industry.
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Old 10-14-2013, 10:39 AM
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Re: Hazards of buying an unweaned baby!

Of course someone would defend it, probably a friend or someone they're in the business together with. I actually hate those egg sellers, when you remove an egg from a momma bird, she's gonna lay more, basically becoming like a chicken egg farm. I know they do that with the endangered specie, but they're trying to preserve the specie to make more population, but these people do it for the money which is un-ethical.

Same with the one selling unweaned chicks, so they can move them out and go to the next one in-line. I can understand if they sell them to another breeder or an established hand feeder to feed them, but not novices....

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Old 07-12-2015, 10:18 AM
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Thumbs up Re: Hazards of buying an unweaned baby!

Quote: Originally Posted by greycloud View Post
this is the time of year i start to see so many people bring new babies into their homes. Unfortunately, some people think it would be fun, save them money,a great learning experience and an opportunity to bond with a new baby by purchasing one unweaned. I can assure you this is unfounded!

i as a breeder( no longer breed now), never sold one baby that left my home unweaned. Ever! I don't care if the person who purchased a baby from me was a breeder themselves. It was my responsibility to make sure my babies were well socialized, weaned, fledged and ready for their new homes. It has been proven that purchasing an unweaned baby does not promise a better bond with your bird. Many things come into play. How the baby is taken care of, socialized and hopefully abundance weaned at the breeder"s. The parents of the baby can genetically influence the personality of the baby. When baby birds mature and reach an independent age they leave their parents. So it is quite natural for them to form new bonds as they grow. Coming into a new home as a fully weaned, well rounded baby will tip the scales in the positive direction.

A responsible, caring breeder will not sell an unweaned baby, ever! Let me clarify this by saying a baby that leaves their home before being weaned and fledged. I always welcomed new owners to visit their babies. And all of them did. If they balked a red flag would go up for me. Never would i allow a new owner to handfeed their baby in my care. There is absolutely no purpose to it! I wonder how many of us get to bottle feed our pre purchased puppies and kittens?

So lets say you purchase and unweaned baby on 3-4 feedings a day. Here is what you will need to absolutely ensure you are heading in the right direction.
A brooder-either homemade or pre-purchased-set up and ready before baby comes home-$50-150
formula, syringes, thermometer-to start $50+
an avian veterinarian for when things go wrong-$75+ per visit

the baby will need to eat every 3-4 hours from 6am to 10pm. Not when you want to feed baby but when baby is ready to eat.
Prep, feeding, brooder clean and clean up after feeding you can count on 45mins-1hour

now remember this is barring any problems that arise. Aspiration, slow crop, yeast or bacterial infections, burnt crop, baby falls off table while your head is turned, (yup it happens!) when a baby aspirates it is horrific to witness! They squeak, flap, rush at you and drop dead. End of do i know? In my 15 years as a breeder it happened to me twice. It was tragic and i will never forget it.

When having a baby to handfeed you must plan your day around the baby's feeding schedule, not yours. No vacations unless you plan on taking baby and brooder with you. Oh! And don't get sick! There is nothing worse then prepping and handfeeding while you are running to the bathroom throwing up!!

You want the experience of hand raising your new baby but do you want the experience of seeing it ill, paying hundreds of vet bills and possibly seeing it lying dead on your table because of your mistakes? I hope not.

You think you are also saving money because you will finish the weaning. Take into account the formula and supply costs. The vet bill when something goes wrong, and it will! Your little cockatiel that cost you $75 could end up costing you over $300+ easily.i know because i have been there too!

As babies grow and fledge and it so very important to socialize them. Allowing them to fly for several weeks prior to clipping(if you wish) is extremely important. Flight helps build self confidence, strength, balance and muscle. Taking that ability from them at such a young age is extremely harmful to their development and future as a companion bird.

Great breeders will not be so selfish and try and cut corners or look for the easy way out. The breeder who sells an unweaned baby are just as guilty as the buyer who wants to save money or "experience" handfeeding their little charge. In my opinion and experience it is just not worth it! I have cried to many tears and i hope you will think twice before you may too...
soooo very true !!!
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Old 02-08-2016, 06:47 AM
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Re: Hazards of buying an unweaned baby!

I guess I was very lucky with Salty, he was on a 2X a day feeding regimen. I had no problems and he is fully weaned and eats his pellets, veggies and fruit like a champ.
It took him about 2 months to be fully weaned and I still give him a syringe of formula once every 2 weeks or so, which he loves.
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