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Re: African greys mating but no eggs

Quote: Originally Posted by EllenD View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by leninmon View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by EllenD View Post
Out of curiosity, and this isn't meant as being sarcastic but a real question...These CAG's are wild birds that were poached, correct? How in the world are they eating pellets then? I would think that successfully duplicating their diet in the wild would be the way to go in this situation, just the same way you should try to duplicate their environment in the wild, being as they are wild birds...I just can't see them eating any pellets at all...
It doesn't matter if a bird is wild or captive breed they eat what we provide. Most breeders of CAG have at least a few pairs of wild caught birds world wide. Persistence in feeding a routine will let them know what they get to eat a day.
I am a strong advocate on pellet based diets irrespective of brand. I would feed them alternative food like sprouted legumes and seeds but I am counting on pellets for their nutritional coverage over all like omega 3 6 vitms minerals etc

We could suppliment using exclusive formulas but the dosage will be another headache. Each day when we eye guess and feed supplement is not a better way than already strict ratio supplimented pellet diets

Ha Ha, "they eat what we provide"...I wish that was true with pet birds...The difference is that you put pellets in their bowl and if they don't eat it they starve to death...I'm assuming anyway, as most pet parrot owners won't allow their birds to not eat for a day...And if they were weaned onto seeds, they surely don't eat pellets right away...And that's why I asked you this question, because "pellets" don't exist in nature, so I wouldn't think that they would even recognize them as food...
Which birds do you have?
If its an african grey do you live in africa or the native where the birds you keep belong ?
If not how do you claim you are giving what they would be eating in the wild ?
Please dont pretend that you or anyone keeping a non native specices can mimick what they eat in the wild.
Most of us keep a parrot and give them brocolli or apples or carrots
do the birds get any of these in the wild. Think well
Birds are eating the so called delicious cusine(for our eyes) coz they dont have an option to choose what they used to eat or would eat in their native habitat.
So whats the next best thing we could do ? Feed them a nutritionally balanced diet. Pellets are not in the wild and so is the under ground veggies and tropical fruits. So you are not giving them something better that what I am giving is my point and you cant as long as you are not going to stay in their native habitat or release then to their natural habitats which we both dont or do you?
People claim they are eating well the fruits and not the pellets. What would a kid eat if he has an option to choose between mangoes and soup. Do we always let our kids choose what they want to eat ? If yes I wouldn't rate those an above average parent anyways.
There were a lot more and intense thoughts and researches in to this before I chose to give them what I feed. Much deeper subjects like why a bird choose a whole seed over hulled? Do they prefer taste over ease ? how many taste buds they have ? etc... so its a more detailed topic to think and I have done my homework long time ago and chose what is best for them according to my conclusion

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