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Old 08-10-2018, 01:36 PM
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Re: nesting problem-URGENT!! (rejecting eggs)

They do look like females, so those eggs aren't going to hatch...HOWEVER, for future reference or just for the sake of clarity, birds do not typically start laying on their eggs that they lay, fertile or infertile, until they lay at least 2 eggs, usually at least 3 for Budgies as their clutches tend to be larger, with an average of 6 eggs to a clutch (the largest clutch I've ever had a pair lay was 12 eggs). So until that mother lays at least 2-3 eggs they aren't going to pay much attention to them at all anyway, so that was normal for your bird, even if those 2 eggs had been fertile.

I agree with Monica that both of your birds are females (assuming that both of them are the same age/both are at least 6 months to a year old), so you don't need to worry about having any babies, which I totally agree is not something that you want to get involved with since you have no experience...It's not at all uncommon for the parents to neglect a baby once it hatches, kick the baby out of the nest-box, start hurting the baby, etc., and that means that even though you planned on letting the parents raise and feed the babies, in any of these situations you must always be ready to remove the baby, put it in a Brooder at the correct ambient temperature based on it's age and feathering at the time, and start hand-feeding formula on a very strict schedule. It's not an easy thing to do, it's exhausting, and it can also be heartbreaking. So if you get anymore Budgies I would be sure to not put them together with these two females until they are at least 6 months to a year old so that you can be sure of their genders, and if they turn out to be males then they need to be kept in a separate cage.

***Now, as far as having a female that is laying infertile eggs, with Budgies (and cockatiels) they have a bad habit of continuously laying egg after egg after egg, and clutch after clutch after clutch, which is extremely hard on their bodies and can actually result in their death, either from malnutrition or a deficiency disease, or from them increasingly becoming more and more likely to become Egg-Bound. So there are a few things that you need to do in order to try to curb the infertile egg-laying:

-Allow any infertile eggs to stay in the cage (or buy fake eggs to replace them with, either way it doesn't matter since they are definitely infertile) until the mother loses interest in them and stops laying on them, and then you can dispose of them (Remember that they are going to lay at least 2-3 eggs before they start sitting on them anyway, so just let them in there until she lays on them and then eventually stops, then dispose of them).

-Remove the nest-box and any types of materials inside of the cage that could be considered/used as "nesting materials", such as bedding, hay, straw, etc., as nesting-materials and any small, dark places like nest-boxes or any type of box usually trigger hormonal activity and influences them to continue laying eggs. Since the eggs are going to all be infertile you don't need to worry about giving them a nest-box, as this will only serve to encourage them to keep laying eggs. The female will lay eggs in the bottom of the cage and will figure out how to make a nest for them, they always do. If they lay an egg in their food dish then just move it to a corner of the cage. If you want to you can put a piece of newspaper in the bottom of the cage and lay the egg on top of the newspaper, and mom will shred the newspaper and make a place for the egg to be, that's fine, but you never want to give a nest-box of any kind to a female laying infertile eggs, as this will usually result in continuous egg-laying.

-Be sure that you have both a Cuttlebone and a Mineral Block inside of the cage at all times so that both females are getting adequate vitamins/minerals, including Calcium, so that their bodies do not start leeching Calcium from their bones to make eggs. This extra Calcium will also help to prevent them from becoming Egg-Bound due to weak, underdeveloped egg=shells not being able to pass. Offer lots and lots of fresh veggies each day, lots of dark, leafy greens. Always have ample seed-mix/pellets and lots of water in the cage at all times, as females who lay infertile eggs often start losing weight and develop issues from malnutrition.
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