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Male/ Female?

My two caiques, Remi and Tiki... both have their own Scooter Z's Sleepy Teepy. Tiki also has a classic tunnel hut he uses as well... and they sleep in these faithfully every night. Neither of them have been DNA sexed, but my avian vet seemed pretty convinced that Remi is a male. Lately, they both have been sandwiching in one of the teepys together... and sometimes Remi will make grouchy noises like "don't hog my space!" , but other times he'll coo and make soft little chicken clucks. They are constantly in and out of the one teepy all day long.... one is tie dye and the other is hunter green, the tie dye is the one they prefer. Could they be Male/Female? I was previously convinced that both of them were males... Remi is about 5, and Tiki is almost 1. As Tiki nears maturity more though... I'm starting to doubt my previous assumptions. I'm hoping that once I get my nurse aide job at the hospital that I will be able to DNA them. I'm really hoping they are a pair... That way they're more likely to bond to each other. I've also heard that caiques are one of the only parrot species that can bond together and still be bonded with the owner... numerous caique owners have told me this, not sure if it's 100% accurate? The little one just idolizes Remi... he's like his shadow. Sometimes his affections go unaccepted though... but I think Remi may have a softer side. I have caught them snuggling on the perch at a couple occassions

And another note, in case anyone is curious :P I recently bought a large prevue hendryx cage for them... it's size could really be geared more towards a cockatoo or amazon parrot (30x24x65) ... I cage them together ONLY when someone is home to keep an eye on them, which is most of the time. When nobody is here to do that, we have a separate smaller cage that one of them goes into... we try to rotate who it is each time to eliminate territorial issues. This cage was originally Tiki's, and Remi had one around the same size. They met the "size requirements" for a caique (even though I'm a firm believe of buying the biggest cage you can afford), but I really wanted them to have more room. They have so much more space now in their new cage. Because of the age difference, I do not chance leaving them alone unattended. So far they have been awesome together (and have been since Day#1) and the only issue I had was little arguments over the food bowl... I have since installed two more and arguments have resolved... those caiques tend to be little food gluttons! :P

I wish I could snap a picture of them together... but whenever I catch them they hop right out... as if they were "caught in the act"! :P

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