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Old 05-09-2019, 04:58 AM
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Smile Cockatiel and budgie


I want to get friend for my cockatiel can i get him a budgie?

So far I've seen many people around me who have budgies and tiels together and they say they co-op very well even today I saw one budgie trying to feed tiel.
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Old 05-09-2019, 05:16 AM
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Re: Cockatiel and budgie

Parrots are like humans - there's no guarantee you're going to like a new roommate that someone else assigns to you, and there's no guarantee your new roommate is going to like you!

Folks around here typically advise you only get another bird if you yourself wants another bird. Because you might end up in a situation where both birds hate each other - you need to keep them separated, not just separate cages, but also separate times outside to chill with you.
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Old 05-09-2019, 07:22 AM
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Re: Cockatiel and budgie

Only get a 2nd bird if you personally want one and have the time, money and energy to do everything with them separately in the event that they do not get along. If your old bird hates the new bird, you will be stuck with it (and vice-versa), so make sure you consider all of the potential complications before diving in. It can work, but since there is no way to be certain that it will, it's important that you only buy a bird based on your own desires (not a desire to help your other bird).

Here are some possible outcomes:

1.They get along well and life is grand.
2. They appear to get along but only for short periods of supervised time.
3. They do not get along (meaning you can never have them out at the same time and interaction may have to be done away from the other bird due to extreme aggression, jealousy, screaming etc).
4. They get along so well that they start behaving sexually and laying eggs/getting hormonal (different species can still be the source of hormonal behaviors in others--as evidenced by your statement that you even saw a budgie trying to feed a tiel). Hormonal birds can experience behavior and health problems.
5. They get along so well that they become jealous of the other bird's interactions with you (becoming defensive when you are around).
6. They get along so well that it is harder for you to interact/bond with one or both of them.

*Birds that do get along at one stage may not get along forever* . With 2 birds, you will always have to be hyper-vigilant. I know there are members with multiple birds, but there are also members whose other birds have lost eyes and toes to other birds in their flocks. It is kind of a coin-toss.

Also, just because you have 2 birds of the same gender and a different species, it does not mean that there will be no sexual behavior.

No matter what, you are going to need a separate cage for any new bird because you will have to quarantine initially.
I wouldn't house them in the same cage anyway-- even post-quarantine.

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Old 05-09-2019, 08:36 AM
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Re: Cockatiel and budgie

I have to agree with the above post. Only get another bird when you want one yourself.

I remember when we got Cookie. I was hoping my brother's 'tiel and Cookie could get along. When they were younger they got along just fine but now Crippi (my brother's 'tiel) hates him while Cookie only wants to be friends.

Same story with a lovebird (who was sold) and Crippi.

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noodles123 (05-09-2019)
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Old 05-09-2019, 06:28 PM
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Re: Cockatiel and budgie

My own experience with budgies and cockatiels is not to do it. Budgies are notorious toe biters. Even getting a second cockatiel can be a chancy matter. Not a sure thing that they'll get along. I have two GCC and they can't stand each other. Can't be out of the cage at the same time and have to be housed separately.
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Cardinal (05-10-2019)

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