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Old 08-16-2011, 03:48 PM
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Rose Breasted Males vs Females

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So I've read that male rose breasted cockatoos make better pets than females. Is that true? And why? Do females get more hormonal and cranky (like humans, lol)? I know that's true of budgies, and I've heard it's the opposite with cockatiels, so I guess it is possible to be true for galahs as well. Please tell me of any experiences you've had with the personality differences between males and females. Which one is more likely to get upset and which one is more affectionate?
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Old 08-16-2011, 04:27 PM
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Re: Rose Breasted Males vs Females

im sorry i cant give exactly what your looking for but here goes! females will display nesting behavior in small dark places and there is the possibility of egg laying. pluss i think females tend to be more moody, thats the case with eclectuses, i also think it applies to other birds including galahs, because female birds will be very protective of a nesting space. hope i helped. btw female parrots just hats still make exepptional pets they just can be a little moody. most females bind better to male owners and males tend to bond better with female owners but their must be caution taken to prevent hormonal behavior. good luck!
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Old 08-16-2011, 09:15 PM
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Re: Rose Breasted Males vs Females

I can only speak for the 8-year-old male I own. I have known no others as well as I know my boy, who I bought from a great parrot-exculsive shop in my area just after he was weaned (and I visited him almost daily from hatching to weaning). But he is the most awesome pet in the world. I'm lucky in that he loves EVERYONE and is not a biter. He's incredibly social and is one of my birds that I can hand to even the most timid of visitor, who stands AMAZED and in wonder that he is so tame and gentle with them. He has won over more people to parrots than ANY of my other birds. He enjoys it so much that I taught him an array of tricks that he will perform on commandand my greatest joy is taking him to rehab facilities (where my godfather has spent a LOT of time these past few years) and using him to cheer people up with his routine. He's bright, cheerful and gregarious. He has never bitten anyone and has a HUGE, very clear vocabulary, better than any other bird in my household. The only "negative" to him is that he does spook easily and is most apt to fly off my hand at a startle of some kind. For that reason, he's the only bird in my flock that I keep wing-clipped. He gets depressed in a harness, so that ended up not being a viable option for this particular bird. Anyway, I know all parrots are variable, but my male Rosie is just an incredible bird. I wish you well with yours. Many blessings. . . .
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