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Old 12-30-2016, 03:57 PM
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Post Can I cross breed bare-eyed cockatoo and goffin cockatoo

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Hi there, I have had a female Goffin cockatoo and i was willing to breed with her. Unfortunately, There I have searched all over Egypt for a male goffin but I couldn't find one. However i have made friendship with someone and It happened that he has a male cockatoo but it was bare-eyed. I was wondering about the possibilty of breeding them together and please, if anyone knows anything about this reply as soon as possible.
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Scott  (12-30-2016)
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Re: Can I cross breed bare-eyed cockatoo and goffin cockatoo

Welcome to ParrotForums, thanks very much for joining!!

While the Goffin and Bare Eyed cockatoos can physically interbreed, there are several concerns you may wish to consider. Both are considered endangered in the wild to varying degrees, thus many prefer to breed in captivity for species purity. Maintaining a diverse gene pool is critical for long term survival. Many hybrids are actively sought, particularly in the range of macaws. Since the body of both of your mentioned species are similar, some variation with the head should be evident.

Your situation is somewhat unique and may argue favorably to such a union. I salute your awareness and willingness to research! Other members will likely present insight for your consideration!
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Re: Can I cross breed bare-eyed cockatoo and goffin cockatoo

Regarding 'Breeding'! Breeding Parrots is not easy and if anything, it is demanding beyond what most people are willing to commit too.

It can take years to bring a pair to a ready state. It can take even longer for them to 'get it' and produce an egg. Not all eggs will provide a chick. If you are so luck as to have them produce a chick, that is when the work begins. And, until that chick is fully weaned and fully on solid food takes weeks of feedings every few hours around the clock. The provided formula needs to be mixed properly and at the correct temperature. To all of that there is the need to know how to feed that chick.

If you are not already a knowledgeable Breeder, there is a great deal to learn before you even want to start this process.

I understand that individuals get into Breeding for any number of reasons. The reality is that very few are successful and even fewer find it cost effective.

That's what little I know about this subject. If you are a successful Breeder, best of luck. If you have never done this before, you have a huge amount to learn!
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Old 12-31-2016, 04:51 AM
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Re: Can I cross breed bare-eyed cockatoo and goffin cockatoo

As Mr Sail said, it often takes years before 2 large parrots bond. Parrots are not like dogs, who just breed when they meet the first time. Parrots will only breed with a mate they have bonded to.

The second thing to consider is cockatoos are a little special, when it comes to breeding. The male cockatoos are a bit more aggressive towards their mates than other parrots. It is not uncommon for a male cockatoo to kill or severly injure the female cockatoo. It is not more than a few weeks, where a friend of mine had to put down a pair of tritons as the male had maimed the female to a point to where, she was beyond saving and for that reason, they put the male down too.

The third thing to consider is, that you shouldn't split up a bonded pair of parrots, as this usually makes them so unhappy, they often start to pluck. My male scarlet is a severe plucker (bare on his entire body) due to a loss of mate 10 years ago. He has had a mate since, but has not stopped plucking.
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