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weimdog2 12-06-2012 09:39 PM

Re: Funny stories
Whenever I would take my TAG, Penny, out of her cage as she was just starting to vocalize, I would say, "Come here" and when she came out I would say, "Mommy loves you!" Well, she has put those two things together and the minute I come home she starts hollering, "Mommy, come here!" If I don't come get her right away, she puts attitude into it too. Just yesterday I was folding laundry and she said, "What cha doing?" I told her folding clothes to which she replied, "Good girl." I just busted out laughing. She is one entertaining little girl!

KevinT 01-10-2013 01:13 PM

Re: Funny stories
You know someone in your household travels a lot when your grey starts making the sound of a suitcase zipper--days after the traveler left on her most recent business trip.

alikab218 01-16-2013 09:35 PM

Re: CAG/TAG Funny stories
There should definitely be a "spot" for writing funny stories and amazing things our birds do...because they are so fascinating. The last three nights ...I have noticed my baby Grey (4 months) growling late at night when the room is dark. Last night...I got up to figure out what she was doing. She was frozen...looking straight up at the ceiling and growling! Then I noticed that as cars drove by on the street...the headlights came shining through the trees outside...and moved across the ceiling flashing shadows. I realised that to must seem like a huge ferocious predator is in the room! Maybe we DO need to cover her cage! My other birds never reacted to those shadows!

alikab218 01-16-2013 09:44 PM

Re: Funny stories
That's a great story! My CAG (who died recently) would say "Mommy...Where are you?" What is that I had previously said "Alika...where are you?" She obviously understood that concept of looking for someone...and adapted the question to use on me! That's when they really show their intelligence..when the use language appropriately..and adapt what they know to use in another way. Alika and I always did "bird kisses" when I was coming or going. She reached a point where she would just say "I want a bird kiss!" or "Kiss the bird!" They are so awesome.

alikab218 01-21-2013 04:37 PM

Re: Funny stories
I love reading these reminds of how capable they are...and gives me ideas...things we can work on. They are like little is fascinating to see how their minds work.

sammybird 01-21-2013 08:53 PM

Re: Funny stories
This happened to me last night...
I was walking in to our living room where all our birds are and i noticed that Sammy (my 'tiel) was not in his cage! i figured that he had flown off his cage, (he is like birdie houdini) and i yelled out our families warning cry to watch thier step. :) "Bird on the floor!" but when i looked at his cage again and i saw a large bump and then Sammy popped out from under the paper and said "Peekaboo i see you!" he cracks me up.

CoCo1 02-01-2013 09:02 AM

Re: Funny stories
I have a rescued 20 year old CAG~ and I have only had her for a few months now. I always find it funny when JJ talks- she actually has different tones to her voice. Sometimes she sounds like my fiance, sometimes she sounds like me and sometimes she sounds like the previous owner. But what is funny is she uses phrases said by each person. I only recently found this out when she said "JOJO wants her crackers........NOW" (not any words I have used with her) We call her JJ and her previous owner called her JOJO.... so she knows her name and with each owner. I find that amazing how intelligent she is.

freedwithwings204 02-07-2013 08:35 PM

Re: Funny stories
I've got two short stories about our late rescue TAG, Sydney, who was about 55-60 when we got him.

1. When we brought him home we had no idea he could talk, and neither did anyone at the rescue. The day we brought him home we had JUST put him in his cage when he turns around, looks at my fiancee, and says to him, "You're an a$$hole!" ( I tired to be polite about his cursing by replacing some of the letters.) My first thought was, "This is a great way to start our relationship."

2. I had a friend from the rescue come down to help me trim Sydney's nails one friday. We got him wrapped up in the towel (and he always loved the towel for some odd reason.) While I was trimming his nails Sydney, being himself, found the thinest spot in towel, and chomped my friend a good one on the thumb, cackling afterwards.

I have so many more of Sydney. :)

Karigan 06-27-2013 02:56 PM

Re: Funny stories
My boy is such a goof.

He won't bath willingly unless it is in his water bowl, which is too small for him to even get his head sufficiently wet. Usually it's his sister I see bathing, but Teo decided to get in on the fun. Weird thing was, every time he approached the water bowl he would stick his right foot in the water until he stood on the bottom. He had this weird expression like he was anticipating something exciting to happen. After holding the foot there for about three solid seconds he would remove it, splash, run to the top of the cage to flap and screech, and then run down and repeat the process. This 'bath' went on for 20 minutes with him keeping the foot routine every time!

mangosmith 08-26-2013 11:50 PM

Re: Funny stories
I just adopted my first cag a few weeks ago. She had the best owner before me that had her since birth. She is absolutly adorable and so sweet. But I find it so fascinating just to hear her talk. She mostly talks about what she wants its always I want chicken, I want cherries, I want watermelon its to funny. But yesterday my two older kids were talking in the kitchen and she shouts out to them " settle down" I about fell out of my chair. I guess I have to watch what I say now she's way to smart for her own good. Lol

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