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Old 03-16-2017, 08:42 AM
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My flock's story

My parronting journey started in 28 October 2016. It was a nice sunny day here in Singapore, and me, my mother, and a close friend travelled halfway across the country to a well known bird shop to get Lucky, my sun conure. Now, I didn't know much about the shop, but I now realized it abuses its birds and livestock. As the owner grabbed the bird i would call my own from a small, dirty metal cage and proceeded to clip and cut its wings and nails, I cringed. However I was still hoping for the best. Lucky was five months at the time.

We left with Lucky, two bags of birdfood and a small cage. She wasn't a good bird at all. As soon as she got out of the box, she screamed and tried her best to fly out, but instead crashed to the floor. Let's just cut the story short. For me, the next three weeks were absolute hell for me. She would scream and bite anyone (i was the only person that got bit as no one wanted to go near her) that came within a meter of her. I tried all the methods, and it worked... but painfully (literal) slowly. I still have a dent (yes an actual dent) in my fingernail
when she bit me there. It took a week for her to step up, and two more to get me okay with her and her ok with me. The thing that saved me and her was target training. It helped her with her mood and that was certainly a big leap for me. She flew out at night once into a medium sized tree, that was totally my fault. We recovered her though.

Sky's story

One evening, I was checking my mobile for messages and suchlike when my cousin asked for a picture of Lucky. Turns out it was for a friend of hers that kept a parrot and wanted to see mine. It escalated into a huge conversation that ended up with me going to collect the bird the next morning. Turned out the owner lived a short walk away from mine, so I collected Sky the next morning. Now, why would the owner abandon her parrot? See, the bird was in a small wire cage, with no bottom except a bit of paper so it had to walk in its own poop. What was worse, there was no perch or toys in the cage at all. Just bird and cage. Food and water was delivered in those disposable sauce containers, food was a cockatiel pure seed mix. Seed and water for six months, with no perch or toys. Before this, the bird had actually flown in from a window during a storm. And the owner was going on vacation the next day. Long story short, Sky, a blue parrotlet is always aggressive. No amount of training, or towel wrapping can calm him. He's a gone case. Yes, no one can tame him. Believe me, I've tried. Harder than Lucky, and believe me she was extreme enough. Gets really excited on food though. Managed to switch her to pellets, did wonders to his feathers. Exact age unknown.

Proud to say that I'm now in Singapore living with frogs, bugs, fish, and two beautiful birds. Lucky is a sweetheart with the occasional mood swing and Sky is really a devil. However, I'm happy in the sense I gave two birds a second chance at a better life, and I try to give them all I can. Taking Lucky for harnessed short flights every weekend and providing toys, food and more for them along with juggling school and caring for around 20 more different animals isn't a easy task as y'all know. However, it's all worth it and we all know it.

Just thought I'd do this as I'm a relatively new member and I want y'all to know my background.

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Old 03-24-2017, 04:34 AM
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Re: My flock's story

Aw, I visit singapore often to see family. Have never really seen a bird store there (or many pet shops in general tbh) but i am glad it is working out between you and lucky

I am having similar problems training my foster parrotlet, but I still have some hope haha. I am only at the stage where I can feed/interact with him through cage bars without him running away. What foods have Sky enjoyed?
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Old 03-24-2017, 07:34 AM
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Re: My flock's story

Congratulations on providing two Birds with a much happier life!
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Old 03-26-2017, 12:44 PM
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Re: My flock's story

Great story, Charles! While we don't always achieve complete success with socializing birds, you've given Sky and Lucky far better lives than they might have otherwise realized!
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