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Old 10-16-2019, 12:15 PM
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lovebird quantity

I have 3 lovebirds right now, but I keep debating if I should get a fourth one. The problem is they all have a very big cage together, but 3 is a weird number for pairing up. What happens is that Cream, the oldest and the most sedentary, gets bullied whenever Cookie, who likes to cuddle up to him (and used to do it before I got Baby), goes up to him, because Baby gets jealous. Most of the fights center around Baby in some way or another.

Their ages:
Cream - 7 yrs
Cookie - 5 yrs
Baby - 3 yrs

I don't know their gender but I think cookie and baby are girl and boy respectively.

I know I can fit a fourth bird in the cage and I have the requirements to take care of it/quarantine/ect. But I want to make sure before I buy it that it won't make things worse. Would it help stabilize the social problems between them if they were all able to pair up more effectively?

I want to raise this bird separate from the others for a few months to get used to me and pass quarantine before introducing them to the other birds.

I've heard that 6 is where they start to stabilize again but I don't have room or time to care for 6 birds. Is 4 okay?
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