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Old 12-13-2018, 12:03 PM
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Re: Losing Weight After Wing Clipping

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You are definitely dealing with a situation in which wing clips are safer all around. I think a fecal exam and wet mount fecal exam, a fecal gram stain, and a fecal culture are a good place to start, plus a CBC chemistry. Dang she must have been in a bad situation before! Glad you have her now , thank you again for rescuing her! In my opion her weight loss is not from the wing clip, it takes a good amount of time to lose muscle mass, and frankly usually you get a fat bird when not flying. Some exotic vets are good, and sometimes it's worth the drive to find an avain specialist. Having had tape worms is concerning, and I mentioned in an earlier post can be hard to get rid of them, there us a lot of resistance to worming medication these days. Also tapeworms can make cysts in the body, so even an x-ray isn't out of the question. Sorry you have all this going on! Especially at this time if the year.
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Old 12-13-2018, 02:18 PM
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Re: Losing Weight After Wing Clipping

Okay, so I think that Drontal is the brand-name for Praziquental (spelling?) if I remember correctly, which is commonly used to treat Tapeworms in dogs and cats, but I've not ever heard of it used to treat birds, not ever...The reason that CAV's don't typically prescribe any of the Anti-Parasitics in that family of drugs is because of their extreme effects on the liver, and captive birds commonly have very sensitive livers/liver issues due to their diets. Gastrointestinal side-effects from Praziquental are extremely high in dogs and cats, it's pretty-much expected that they are going to have diarrhea, upset stomach, vomiting, anorexia, etc. So I'd imagine that the same is going to happen in birds, probably more-so.

***The problem with trying to figure out what is going on with your Gray right now is because there are so many different things going on with her right now that could be causing this issue...While it was obvious that she had Tapeworms if you actually brought a sample-worm in with you, I have to tell you that I am EXTREMELY SHOCKED that your Exotics Vet did not take a Fecal sample and at the very least make a slide of it, stain it, and look at it under their microscope right there in the office on the spot, and also didn't send a Fecal sample out to the lab they use to be plated for a culture/sensitivity. That makes no sense at all to me; the bird obviously had an active Tapeworm infection, which is extremely uncommon in parrots, so the likelihood that she also has other Parasitic Infestations, Bacterial and/or Fungal/yeast Infections, Protozoan Infections, an incorrect normal-flora load throughout her GI Tract,
etc. is extremely high, especially in the environment she was living in, which is no-doubt the reason she had a Tapeworm infestation (if they were bad enough to be visibly crawling/hanging out of her Vent/Cloaca then this was BAD).
So she needs a complete Fecal culture/sensitivity sent out, and simple, basic in-office microscopy/gram-staining done on a fresh Fecal Culture. The likelihood that she still has one or more GI infections/infestations is extremely high, and since her diet was likely horrible in that home as well, my guess is that she's probably lacking in healthy GI Bacteria, which usually results in them having Fungal/yeast GI infections...Plus the risk of a Bacterial infection is also huge in that situation...

***Did they do a repeat Fecal after she finished the last round of Drontal to make sure that her GI Tract is 100% free of Tapeworms/eggs? This is standard-practice, so I'm hoping she was cleared through a follow-up Fecal for at least the Tapeworms...If she did not have a follow-up Fecal after finishing both rounds of the Drontal, then she needs to have this done ASAP with a fresh Fecal Sample, and she absolutely should have a full culture/sensitivity sent-out and at the very least microscopy/Gram-Staining done on the fresh Fecal Sample at the same time to rule-out other, non-related infections/infestations. If she simply finished the Drontal rounds and that was it, that's not good enough in this situation...I'd actually be finding the closest Certified Avian Vet or Avian Specialist Vet to your home, which we can help you with, because of the situation she came from and the issues you're having, along with the rare Tapeworm infestation she had...No offense towards "Exotic's Vets", but in the US any General dog/cat vet can call themselves an "Exotics Vet", it means absolutely nothing but they went to Vet School, got their state license, and are "willing to see/treat" animals other than dogs and cats...They have no extra or specially concentrated education or training in birds or any other types of animals, and with birds they are so different than mammals that seeing a CAV is often the difference between life and death of the bird...And to be honest with you, even if this Vet had been a CAV, the fact that they didn't even run a basic Fecal culture/microscopy when the bird had an active Tapeworm infestation is really, really not a good sign.

***So, her eating/weight-loss issues could be because she still has Tapeworms/eggs, it could be that her GI Tract is upset/irritated from the Praziquental or the Praziquental could have caused a liver issue, or it might not be related to anything physical at all, but rather it's related to a weaning/fledging issue...There's really no way to know without a full Fecal work-up to test for Tapeworms, other parasites, bacterial and/or fungal/yeast infections, etc. I'd also highly recommend routine blood-work, it's almost a must, because that is going to show you whether she is suffering from an infection, anemia, nutritional deficiencies, metabolic issues, kidney function, and most importantly right now would be liver function...

I definitely would not clip her again right now, I'd let her wings fully grow back in so that she is again able to fly, and I'd then make certain that she can actually fly with full directional control, but more importantly you need to figure out if her behaviors/personality/eating habits/weight etc. show noticeable positive change...That is going to tell you quite a bit about how clipping her wings at such a young age has effected her psychological/neurological/behavioral development and maturity, and whether or not you're going to have any lasting issues...

Again, I have always believed that the choice of whether or not to clip a bird's wings was entirely up to their owner, and unless the owner is clipping their wings for a very cruel or selfish reason then there's no reason to be critical of the bird's owner for doing so, as there are several reasons why people keep their bird's wings clipped, some are safety reasons or other important and necessary reasons...Now at the same time, I do fully believe that if there is any way that it's possible to be able to keep your bird fully-flighted then you should do it at all costs, because a bird being able to fully fly is very much the same as us being able to simply walk...And clipping their wings can cause some birds a large amount of stress, distress, anxiety, etc. Parrots are just like people, especially as intelligent a parrot as a CAG. They have the intelligence of a 4 year-old human child, and the ability to use logic and reason. So huge changes like clipping their wings can cause huge psychological and neurological issues; that being said, clipping ANY BIRD'S WINGS before they fully fledge/fully wean or before they learn to fully fly properly can and usually does cause at least some extent of neurological and behavioral trouble...Though in this case there is really no way to know what is going on until all possible and probably physical health issues are properly ruled-out...
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