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My budgie will no longer stay on my finger

Excuse this post if I posted it in the wrong place. I have three budgies, 2 females and a male, in which is named Kiwi( just below or atleast a year, green Female), mango(6-8 month old, yellow male), and the most recent budgie Papaya (older than mango, but younger or close to Kiwis age).*

Kiwi was the first bird I got. She was neglected from her home as they were getting rid of her so their child could bond with the male.*She was sad because she had lost her friend, in which she delt with, and no one else. At this other person's house, she didnt come out of her cage, no matter how hard they tried. After a bit of getting her to stay on my finger out of the cage, it was time to bring her out. I had to force her out(and she still doesnt want out, but I catch her and bring her out) and let her do her thing. I put her ontop of the cage and scooped her up with my finger* and brought her around the house, it was about 3-4 weeks of this. Then, I got mango. She was very upset with me. She would not get on my finger as soon as I got mango, and that's where the troubles began. They bickered, but they became friends together after around 2 days. Mango is a very easy going bird, and hasn't caused problems. After they surely got a long, and mango would step up on my finger. Mango was a big copy cat of kiwi, and always wanted to follow her, but his wings were clipped, hers were not, this is when kiwi started to not stay on my finger, I could get her on it, and at this point, put her on my shoulder, but walking around with her on my finger started to prove difficult. After a bit of that, I got my third bird, which is where things started to really go wrong. Kiwi and papaya fought for a bit, and didnt really like each other, but they got used to it and got along, still you hear squawking from their cage, but they've adjusted. Kiwi at this point will fly away if I try ang get her on my finger, sometimes when I do, and start to bring her down to eye level, she will fly away unless I have her birdie friends on my shoulder. The other two birds get on fine, unless they're all together. They all follow kiwi, and I'm pretty sure that Kiwi is our version of "The alpha". But if Kiwi is up high* and the two are together, they will get on my hand almost fine* and get on my shoulder. Kiwi will sometimes get on my family members hands, easier than she will mine, but is still a struggle. I dont know what to do, now that they're in a small flock. Any help will be useful.*
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