abnormal droppings

  1. Amy-Milo

    Cockatiel with abnormal droppings?

    So I have a male white faced cockatiel. Had him for almost a year now. This problem has been happening for a few months now. But when it first started it wasn’t so bad, he has been having droppings that are a brownish colour? A few months ago it was only like the odd one or two, but now it’s...
  2. Blank_boyo

    Help❗️Strange Dropings

    Hi my names Sean, I’m new to this forum and I’ve been interested into parrots for a while now. I’ve had a green cheek conure named Joey for five years now and today whilst I let him roam around my room I noticed one of his droppings was more red in color. I put him back in his cage and see if...
  3. pearlthegoffin

    Blood in poop? HELP.

    Hi Guys! I’m new to the forum myself. But I’ve been going on here since I’ve adopted my 23 y/o Goffins Cockatoo Pearl, I’ve had her since December 2021. I’ve noticed today that she hassome abnormal droppings, last week I saw them as well but it went back to her standard green/dark green color…...