1. Squeeing_Onion

    Adopted IRN - wordy Backstory, Question on his size, & other tidbits

    Heya! Man, it's been a while since I've posted on the forums here, but I've poked my head in now and then over the years to read up on other posts. A handful of you may remember me as my late Sun Conure, Chicken's owner -- I am now a very proud caretaker of a little sassy Green Cheek, Bongo...
  2. Birdjoy

    Inherited Stanley; The family Parrot

    Hi all! Thank you first for reading this and hopefully giving excellent feedback. My best friend and I have just inherited her life long family Parrot, Stanley. He had been housed with their grandmother which neglected him, screamed at him, and threw cups of water on him, for over a 15 year...
  3. C

    SOS friend with abused MITRID Conure? SOS

    hey my friend just called me up worried about a conure she saved from a horrible situation Was abused, hit beaten, locked in a tiny cage i guess, no toys no nothing just one tiny pearch He plucked himself, and he has been like this for 10 years!!!!!! I have always had birds but I never really...
  4. chipper62

    Rescued blue and gold

    Hello, I'm needing some input on my macaw. First things first, I am not new to birds, had a few smaller birds, all but one were rescued as well. And I also had an orange-winged amazon, also rescued. One of my coworkers found an ad for my macaw and showed it to me knowing I am a bird lover. I saw...