1. 20211218_224906.jpg


    Miles loves to pester the budgies. Just look at that little gleam in his eye!
  2. 20210630_133933.jpg


    Cuddle time! I love this little guy soooo much!
  3. 20210817_085519.jpg


    Spoiled...not quite rotten, but definitely spoiled.
  4. Astro being cute

    Astro being cute

  5. N

    My baby senegal parrot needs a new home

    I have a senegal parrot that is about 8 months old. He's cute, pretty quiet, not too messy and knows how to kiss (I taught him that) I'm finding it difficult to give him much attention with my 3 little kids around and I am expecting my fourth in less than a month. I feel so sorry for him as he...
  6. Kyoto

    Look how cute she is

    I am going to use this post for videos of my girl from now on... Birdie Puberty? - YouTube gaaaah she just melts my heart. She went from being not cuddly anymore to suddenly super cuddly. I actually rushed her to the vet because I thought she was sick! Turns out she is just starting her molt...
  7. CharlieSheen

    Kiwi the Lovebird

    As a few of you (Although since I posted about another bird type before, you most likely won't be in this forum) might know, I've been looking for Conures. So I went to the Local Avian Store, Golden Cockatoo. There I found that Conures weren't the right bird for me. Luckily for me, two employees...