african ringneck

  1. M

    Indian ring neck or African ring neck?

    Indian ring neck or African ring neck? I got Kiko when he was almost 1 month old and his beak was kind of bright. He’s 4 months old now. Can anyone please help me out. Ps: I have an Indian ring neck named peeko he’s an adult (I got him as an adult 1 year ago) and he checks out every details...
  2. Cottonoid

    The Continuing Capers of Companion-ing Cotton

    Hello! Yesterday I adopted an African Ringneck, Cotton, from a local rescue. His history as they know it - the previous owner got him at 9 months of age and over time he was more anxious and started losing feathers, then plucking. He was diagnosed with a yeast infection of the skin. The rescue...
  3. Cottonoid

    Cage sizing question for ARN

    I don't know if this warrants its own thread here rather than my current Ringneck thread but I didn't easily find one after searching the forum. For anyone who's had an African Ringneck, would you recommend following bar spacing for a cockatiel? Or bigger like a conure? My little guy just seems...