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  1. saganismyhero

    I’ve waited years for this, I finally have an African Grey! And boy is he mean

    The subject says it all, but also, I’m still so excited and thrilled. It’s funny how when you anticipate and research something long enough it really does make things easier. I brought Sagan home yesterday, he’s a 3? year old. I got him from someone who really neglected him and had him in a...
  2. H

    Hormonal Macaw very aggressive...HELP!

    Hi! Our blue and gold is a crazy hormonal aggressive bird.... not our mild mannered little princess we used to have. A little history: We have two macaws Marley, the blue and gold who is 16 and Harley, a harlequin who is 14. My husband picked them out as eggs, and raised them with his...
  3. H

    Aggressive Bird

    So my bird, Skeeter, has always disliked my roommate but lately it's gotten worse. Skeeter just attacked him because there were in the same hallway. I may be forced to get rid of him if he doesn't get better. And Skeeter only has this problem with my roommate, no one else. What can I do to make...