alexandrine baby

  1. Twilight's Grace

    I'm new here and looking for a new angel for my flock.

    Greetings everyone, I joined this forum as I am currently looking for a lutino or blue Alexandrine parrot, or a violet/nicely colored Indian Ringneck that is preferably young (~7 months old). I have just lost my baby boy Twilight after 15 years since he was a baby to a hawk who just snatched him...
  2. Pabloalex91

    Dancing or neuro condition? Please help😕

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum & have recently brought home 3 weeks ago a 5 month old Alexandrine. We’ve been getting along just fine & he is starting target training with a stick & is also eating out of my hand with caution as he is not tame at all so shocked already about this, however he...
  3. 20220408_221844.mp4


    Our 2 Alexandrines have manged to hatch their first chick, there was 3 eggs, 2 hatched but alas one chick didn't make it but one has survived and mom is very protective over the remaining chick
  4. R

    My Alexandrines have laid eggs, how should I prepare?

    Hi so I've had my Alex for a few years now and last year we decided to get her a male. This is the first time she's laid eggs since we've gotten her. When they hatch I'd like to hand raise them, are there any good websites for advice? Also what will I need to buy to prepare for them? Thanks :)
  5. A

    Black shades seen on the head of my baby Alex

    Hi All, I have a 3 month old baby Alexandrine - Coco. I recently noticed the feather on his head seems to have some black shades and its prominent. I have attached an image too. We are under extremely strict lockdown due to Corona. Any one who could put some light here would be really healful...
  6. I

    i am about to get an Alexandrine chick of 2 -2.5 months

    Hi i am Ady and i am a new member here. i am about to buy a chick of about 2-2.5 moths. i do have the experience of taking care of parrots as i had lutino love birds and an Indian ring neck but love birds were adult and ring neck was 6 months old so i do not have any experience of Hand feeding...
  7. K

    Help for baby Alexander feeding

    Hi guys I have one Alexander parrot which i bought 1.5 months ago that wast almost 20 to 25 days was going fine but now from.last 2 3 days it's rejected hand feed every time. I have tried every possible thing i could do to fed him. I have brought mix seeds, sunflower seed...
  8. Dkat333

    Frankie my New Alexandrine

    Hi Everyone, I have been reading through all the pages etc. But still am concerned about the progress we've (not) made. :confused: I got an Alexandrine 4 weeks ago, was 16ish weeks old when we got him. He seemed super calm and comfortable when we met him. Once him he was terrified we gave him...
  9. S

    How will i know if my bird has laid an egg ?

    I have a pair of Alexandrine parakeet. They are about 6 years old . Earlier this month they started mating . So I got custom made breeding box for them from pet store . nesting materials were put in breeding box and then I attached it the cage . Female is spending lot of time in breeding box...
  10. M

    Alexandrine Parrot first molt?

    Alexandrine Young Parrot losing feathers Hi, I have 2 beautiful Alexandrines. The youngest, who is about 4 and a half months now is going through her first moult (we think) She is looking like she is missing many feathers around her head and neck and is sensitive to touch. I can see new...
  11. imashish

    Need Help and Suggestions for my Alex

    Hi Guys, 5 days ago I got an Alexandrine parrot from side of highway to my city when I coming back to my home from my home town. :green2: he/she is in cage and somebody thrown this precious bird.:mad: I found him/her when I stopped my car to smoke and I see he/she is crying in cage on side of...
  12. R

    my alexandrine parrot is bleeding

    my Alexandrine parrot was flying an by mistakenly fan was on and he got hurt. he was bleeding from mouth and nose and his whole body got lose. After some time the bleeding was stop but his legs are not working. He is not eating anything and if we make him eta something after 2 mins he vomet...
  13. A

    for how long should i hand feed a baby parrot?

    Hi everybody I'm bringing home a new baby alexandrian and i have some questions 1- for how long should i hand feed him ? 2- do you think i should get a baby parrot that doesn't need hand feeding? 3- how to tell the difference between a male baby indian ringneck and baby alexandrian? Thanks