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  2. Z

    What’s wrong with my parrot?

    Hello, I’m having an issue with my blue fronted Amazon. She’s under two years old and when I bought nelly(the parrot) she was eating an all seed diet. For the past two days I’ve changed her diet to Tops pellets and vegetables/chop in the evening. She interacting with pellets however I don’t...
  3. elsaandnori

    is she an orange winged amazon or a blue fronted

    the owner says she is a blue fronted but i am wondering if she is an orange winged because of the yellow patch on her forehead? Anyone know?
  4. S

    Getting my first Amazon! Help!

    Hi! I am getting my first Amazon but she won’t be ready for about 7 weeks or so still. I was told I should get my Amazon in the same sex as my galah because they are different species, is there a reason for this? Is it even true? Just want to do right by my birds. also what is the best size...
  5. J

    Amazon plucking another Amazon

    Hi everyone, We have a longtime Blue fronted Amazon pair, both are females and the older (23 years old) is plucking the younger (7 years old) whenever they preen each other and are close to each other. They have been together for almost 7 years. They used to be at the living room, getting a...
  6. moon1964

    Jealous Amazon parrot

    Hello My name is Susan Moon and I have a very ongoing problem with my husbands amazon named Blue. Not sure if I will ever be able to rehabilitate him to stop attacking me out of jealously. My situation is We acquired Blue about 15 yrs ago and He was a great parrot. Loved us both. Could handle...
  7. L

    Trouble with BFA eating chop

    Hii, I have recently started with chop for my amazon due to lack of time and the posibility of freezing it. However, Ellie refuses to eat most of it. I chopped the veggies and fruits really small, even for her, but she still picks them. Above all, she loves the Quinoa -I made it with an...
  8. bostralian

    Persistent very bad behavior

    Hi, I've had my amazon parrot for 3 years. He is 4 years old. I let him fly most of the time when I'm home (4-6 hours a day), I always talk to him, I always buy him new toys so he doesn't get bored, I give him a fresh and varied diet, but he NEVER listens. I live in an antique house, and he...
  9. bostralian

    Socializing Amazon Parrot

    Hi, I've had an Amazon Parrot for 3 years. As I got him in high school I didn't have much time to spend with him (study study study!). I'd just let him out of the cage and he'd fly and sit on my head, and every now and then he'd fly onto my arm. He NEVER lets me touch him, but sometimes I can...
  10. T

    New member and Amazon!

    Helloooooo! Our parrot, Yogi, is a blue fronted amazon (we think) :green:. We rescued him as a 12 year old (?) that was kept in a too small cage. We had to cut the padlock off the cage door as the key had been lost for a long time... He was scared to come out of the cage so we eventually had...
  11. C

    Please Help!!! Liver disease.

    Please Help, I've just signed up to this forum today after finding out my pet Amazon codi has got liver disease. We got him from a family friend last June or July and since then he has been predominantly on a seed diet as we were told that's what to feed him, as I learned more he's been...
  12. bluefrontmax


    Hi, I just made my account for my blue fronted amazon parrot named Max. Max is a very spirited, very exciting bird. We inherited him from a friend who had had him for 11 years, and he is now 14 years old. We've had him for 4 months now and he is still getting used to his new environment. I will...