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  1. MysticMacaw

    Autistic, special interest is parrots and rainforests.

    I'm autistic and pretty much obsessed with parrots (specifically macaws) and the rainforest as well. Because this is not a popular interest to have, it's hard to find any community to talk to who can give good information. Does anyone have any sites, documentaries, resources (online or offline)...
  2. Marcy

    Introducing myself, Marcy, to this wonderful forum.

    Hello my name is Marcy. My entire life I have been a true bird lover & have had parrots! I am a hobby breeder of Parrotlets, Cockatiels, Linnies, and Green Cheeks. My aviary is called, "Marcy's Mountain Aviary". My precious pets include Parrotlets, Linnies, Lovebirds, a Cockatiel, Hawk, along...