baby african grey parrot

  1. N

    Urgent Help for my 6 week old Grey parrot chick

    Dear All, My grey parrot chick is 6 weeks (got her at 5) :gcc:and not eating as she used to(20 ml feed now each time) since 2 days(I moved her to a new big cage). She does head bobbing when I touch her beak but do not when I try to feed ( but slowly takes it). She started sleeping a lot recently...
  2. BennyCal

    African Gray 7 week old baby constant squawking

    Hello I'm new to parrot ownership. I finally got the opportunity to purchase a handled baby. The breeder took my deposit and I just waited for Rico patiently. At 2 weeks old the breeder surprised me with you need to pick him up next week or he will refund the deposit and sell the baby bird to...
  3. R

    Baby African Grey... Need some advice

    Hi All, I wanted some advice from the experienced people here. Now i have a 3 months and a half old baby african grey. When i first introduced him to toys (which was when he was 2 months old) he used to be so interested in them. But now a days he only depends on my attention for amusement. He...