baby budgie

  1. A

    Help determining young budgie gender

    I know it’s hard/impossible to know for sure the gender of babies, but if anyone has any input I would appreciate it! I wanted to get a male since I already have a male budgie who seems lonely, but wherever I went they only had very young ones. This one seemed very calm and sweet and had a...
  2. A

    HELP! Baby budgie is vomiting.

    Hello, I checked on my baby budgies as per usual and realised that there was a bit of vomit on the nests walls. I am not sure who it was but I think it was my second born (4 weeks old). I weighed him/her and despite his/hers age it is only 35 grams while the baby that is a week younger than...
  3. B

    Help! Age and gender of my Budgie Turkey?

    Hello! I've recently bought my budgie Turkey and I adore him! The pet shop i bought him/her from told me Turkey was 3 months. I had done my research and I didnt think he/she was 3 months old. But in good faith, I believed them and would have bought Turkey either way. What do you guys think...
  4. K

    A little bit concerned about my little Yuna

    I bought Yuna this February from a local market and I love her to bits. She was just a baby put in with a small cage of adults, and she hasn't grown much bigger. About a month ago I noticed that her beak has changed - it's a bit flaky and scratched up. Sorry if my pictures aren't the best (the...
  5. Midnightstarian

    The morning grumps

    So in the early morning around 8 i uncover my Budgies cage and he is very friendly he enjoys cuddles and is super curious he likes to step up and come hang out in the afternoons outside of the cage and is adapting good. Accept one problem he has what iv'e named the morning grumps He hates...