baby conure biting

  1. cosmothebirb

    Edgar is quite bitey!

    Hello once again! So as I said in my previous post we got a new baby bird (he is approximately 2 months old), and as it was with our beloved Cosmo, so it is with Edgar - quite a challenge. I dont remember if Cosmo was this bitey but Edgar sure is. As I learned all birds bite a little as...
  2. Fauna

    Baby conure bites waay too hard!

    i recently adopted a 6 month old pineapple conure and i havent been able to get him to stop biting so hard. Ive done lots of research and everything ive found has been if a bird is being aggressive. the only time hes been legitimately aggressive was when they took him out of his cage at the pet...
  3. bonitabird59

    Really nippy baby GCC

    Hi everyone! I recently adopted a baby GCC conure male named Jello. (previously I introduced him on here as Ziggy, but his name has since changed). He's a super sweet guy just trying to figure out how the world works, and he's so cuddly. But he bites... hard. He starts out by slowly pinching me...
  4. Lucyj

    New member with a baby pearly conure

    Hi guys (and girls) We have had a baby pearly for about a Month now and he is about 4 months old. Would be open to any advice on training and stopping nipping (which seems to be getting worse rather than better) He is getting lots of attention and we love him alot, just can't figure out why...