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Jul 3, 2023
green cheeked conure
Hello once again! So as I said in my previous post we got a new baby bird (he is approximately 2 months old), and as it was with our beloved Cosmo, so it is with Edgar - quite a challenge. I dont remember if Cosmo was this bitey but Edgar sure is.

As I learned all birds bite a little as exploration and playfully but there have been times where he would bite my finger or nose REALLY HARD. I know he doesnt understand the difference between fingers and toys yet but here is what I do.

If he bites me playfully or to support himself going up my arm I let him, but when he bites really hard I yell out OW!!! and I place him down and walk away (to no avail because he immediately flies on top of my head). Every time he bites really hard I just put him down and say OW!! and ignore him a little bit. Is this the correct method? I mean in my head it's sort of like that will teach him that if he wants to be picked up or carried: no hard biting!

Any tips? Is this a new baby bird thing until they learn that they cant bite skin so hard?

(PS: He also does thing weird noise along with flicking his wings, which I know is like an annoyed behaviour, but he does it while eating or just chilling sometime and I cant quite understand whats bothering him xd - attached videos)

I never thought I would miss a bird biting me so much - but I'm just filled with joy and memories right now, as hard as it is training a new bird.


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