baby parrot

  1. EngineerGaming

    Quaker parrot still eating formula

    I have a Quaker parrot and he’s about 10-11 weeks old, and he’s still eating the baby bird formula, whenever he want food he bops his head up and down and flaps his wings and I feed him the formula, another problem is that we’re almost out of the formula he eats and my mom said she’s not gonna...
  2. I

    wean my alaxendrine

    I have Alexandrine parrot of 3.5 months.After the kaytee feed i was giving him mashed fruits and vegetables like banana,apple,sweet potato,carrot and cucumber.He was eating all this by my hand till today. Today when i tried to feed the same he is not eating it. Any suggestions to which other...
  3. C

    Princess parrot moody

    Hi. I'm new to this and I've I've recently gotten a baby princess parrot I've had him for about a month and a half he had been out of his best for 4 weeks when we got him. Have been hand feeding him. But in the last few days he has became very moody not wanting to be held or to be around us...
  4. S

    12 week old GW coming home in two days.... Advice welcomed!

    I've kept a GW before, but he was an older rescue that I fostered... This is a new baby and any problems will be my fault, so I need to do this right. We ordered the Kings Cages SLT 6430 Xl "gorilla" cage for it... Any random bit of wisdom is welcomed!
  5. N

    Raiden's growing up...

    Hello, you guys had helped me a while back with Raiden, but I had some more questions. He or she is currently 84 days old (12 weeks) today and I am aware that this is around the time they start weaning and trying to fly. I was wondering, how much am I supposed to feed him because he won't take...
  6. S

    12 week old indian ringneck

    So im going to start my saying this is not my first bird. I had a beautiful african grey before who I still love and died due to old age. So after a while over grieving over my previous bird I got myself an indian ringneck from a breeder. He is a male and he was pretty tame when we got him. He...
  7. B

    little cute lovebird

    Hi everyone, I want to share this video with you, it's my little sweet lovebird (some time ago already) Girl petting cute baby lovebird - YouTube let me know what you think!
  8. Jamie_95

    Should i release my baby Lorikeet?

    Hi everyone :) I found a baby Lorikeet this morning and have been taking care of him since. I'm hand feeding him and making him drink slowly through a syringe, because i put a small bowl of food and water in his cage but he didn't seem to touch it. He's been shy but very friendly and alert...