baby ringneck

  1. Senseless

    Ringneck Weaning advise

    How do you guys recommend weaning Indian Ringnecks and what age is okay to start? First time I'm handfeeding this species. He/she is currently 5weeks old and I've been hand raising for 3 weeks now. I have 4 birds I'm currently raising, two different pearled cockatiels and 2 Indian Ringnecks...
  2. S

    My baby IRN is closing its one eye

    Hey everyone! So I have two baby IRN about 35 days old and Sona (the elder one he's exactly about 38 days old) and he has been closing one of his eyes for a while but it wasn't a lot and even now there is no discharge, no red-eye nothing it's just closing its eyes. Nonetheless, I was concerned...
  3. S

    Baby ringnecks and BATHING!

    Hey! I have two baby IRN's who are a month old. So I know I'm not supposed to give them a shower but at what age exactly can I give them a shower because they're starting to stink and their feathers are starting to have a weird texture to them. Also, there's no proper info about it anywhere :(...
  4. S

    I'm new!!

    Hey! Okay so I'm new here and I'm also a new mother to two baby ringnecks who are just a month old. (Yes, I have learnt how to properly handfeed them and I have been handfeeding them since they were 15 days old) I'm in India so it's pretty common to adopt baby birds. So since I come here for...
  5. D

    7 week old ringneck

    I got my ringneck when he was around 3 weeks old... Now that he is 7 weeks old he has started to fly a little bit. I want to know how can i train him to come to me when i call him.:green2:
  6. S

    Suggestion for my 2 new indian ring neck baby

    Hello, I am a beginner about indian ring neck. I have found 2 new ring neck (about 4-6 week). But I am afraid if they are comfortable or not. Here is my observation below please any one suggest me the behaviour is normal or not. Ringneck 1 : Eating good. eaching after bath more. sitting on...
  7. N

    Dyring indian parakeet

    He is apprimately a month old he is not being able to balance itself, his bodyt emperature is cold compared to before when it was warm, he is sleeping all the time, his stool was brownish black and after a day it returned tot he usual dark green he is still eating but no like before please of...
  8. I

    Indian RIngneck 2-4 months old

    hi please help how tame and what should i feed to my new ringneck? he has been 2 days old with me now.. he is quite, when i try to gave of some mixed parrot foods (seeds).. i think he didnt like it or even touch.. :31: :yellow2: :green2: