Indian RIngneck 2-4 months old


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Oct 27, 2012
Cebu, Philippine
Indian Ringneck, cockatiel
hi please help how tame and what should i feed to my new ringneck? he has been 2 days old with me now.. he is quite, when i try to gave of some mixed parrot foods (seeds).. i think he didnt like it or even touch.. :31: :yellow2: :green2:
He ' s probely scared. Feed him parrot pellets and fruit and veggies without the seeds. He too scared to eat so don't put your hand in the cage for a week except to clean and change food and water. Seed has lots of fat so only use those as treats . Only tame him after a week., because a scared bird will not eat and could die of starvation . To tame him just leave your Hand in the cage until he is used to it than gradually make it closer to him.

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