beak and feather

  1. S

    Beak and Feather Disease

    Hi everyone, Trying to get some information on PBFD. We got our Trevor about 6 months ago and he is was 8-9 months when we got him. Short story his nails all of a sudden grew really long and his beak broke a bit (top part) and the bottom seemed to grow extra long, we took him to the vet and he...
  2. keikoasmom

    Lovey's Beak has a Layer Loose

    It is a piece about 1/2" by a little more than that a flap, actually, on the upper left side of her beak. (She's a Blue and Gold Macaw) It looks clean, so I put a little Neosporin under it and gave her a soft dinner, oatmeal and pumpkin and she seems happy. She was screaming a lot earlier, and...
  3. B

    Ringneck with Beak and Feather disease

    Hi guys I have an IRN that is now 7 months old. His feathers started changing colour ( green to yellow) about a month ago and his tail feathers all fell out and grew back yellow and very thin. I took him to an Avian vet who tested him and got the results back today saying he has beak and...
  4. Oedipussrex

    PBFD terrible horrible news

    Does anyone have experience with caring for a bird with PBFD and possibly have any pointers? Pickle's avian vet rang back today and told me that the blood sample she took displayed low white blood cell numbers (that's about all they got from that as he put up a fight and they didn't get much...