1. K

    Blue and Gold Macaw Beak QUESTION

    Dear Forum I am a new macaw owner and also new to this forum. my pleasure to be part of this community I got my Macaw around two weeks ago from his previous owner, The parrot I have is a Blue and Gold Macaw. overall the bird's health is quite good, eating well, playful, sleeping, etc. I feed...
  2. WilliamKenyon

    Anatomy of a parrot's beak

    Hey everyone:60:! I have some questions about parrots beaks and how they form. So my question is; How does a parrots beak taper to a sharp point when it starts out wider?. It seems like an odd question:D, but for the life of me I could not figure out how the shape forms. As the beak grows...
  3. V

    Beak Injury - Help please

    Hey All, I woke up this morning and noticed my little guy has a beak injury. I have already checked his cage to see if there was anything that could have caused it I think while playing he just got a little too rambunctious. I have attached a picture and circled in red where it looks like he...
  4. M

    Thank Goodness I found this site!!!!

    Hello Everyone! I am sooooo thankful to have found this website!!!! Whew! I am a total newby to the world of parrots. :grey: Let me tell you how this came about. My neighbor across the street from me was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She is in the early stages of treatment. When she...