1. psitticine

    Hormonal Quaker - long read!

    Hi, so… my parrot has been very hormonal for weeks now, off and on. There’s been an increase in that behavior over the past couple weeks. Don’t worry, she only gets scritches on the neck and head, so that’s not an issue. This amount of hormonal behavior is normal for this time of year, as far as...
  2. 6Fids

    Senegal flying to attack us !

    This is Chico. We rescued him about 6 years and 2 months ago. He was in his previous home after being rescued. We rescued him cause his young hooman died unexpectedly. In the 6 years we have had him, he has never gotten super friendly or loving, outside of just neck rubs. Lately may nearly a...
  3. psitticine

    Quaker Mode

    Hi everybody! This is my first post :) I have a four month old Quaker named Rainy. I think s(he) is a female. She's a crossover breed, and the breeder told me they usually end up being female. I'm in the early stages of taming/training, and have never had a quaker before. I knew she would be a...