Dec 12, 2023
Pineapple conure- Tiago
Two budgies- Edith & Azalea
*I’m posting this for a friend who currently doesn’t have access to this site. :)*

I have a GCC named papaya and sometimes he bites. So I’ve been trying to do the shunning technique where you place them down in a safe spot but Every time I do he just flys to my shoulder. Second part to this is once he’s on my shoulder every once in a while he decides he doesn’t want to step down even for a treat. How do I fix these issues? He’s also 5 months old and has been regurgitating, but really only when he gets excited. Is that something I should be worried about? Or is it normal 5 month old conure behavior?
Unfortunately, in these cases, a light clipp of the wings is required. Just enough taken off so the bird can GLIDE to the floor and not drop like a rock. THis is the ideal time for that, feathers grow back fairly quickly, but the lessons learned early will stick all the better, rather then when the bird is older and more in-grained in its habits.

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