bird food

  1. C

    Good Morning

    new to the forum here, I see many discussions on food. I am an an avid Harrison's user and swear by it. Organic ingredients, no artificial colors like other brands. Love seeing the other Harrison's users educate many owners. Very cool to see.
  2. Kitty16

    American plantain leaves.

    So we have a lot of American plantain leaves in our yard and it looks like something our budgies might like but nothing online says it’s ok and nothing says it’s bad, would you guys happen to know if it’s safe for them to eat? I’m not sure it would be safe for them because online it says cats...
  3. Kitty16

    Trying cucumber.

    I cut up some cucumber for my budgies but they seem to be scared of it, they keep running from it also, I stopped trying to give it to them because it’s obvious they don’t want it but why would they be scared of it? Heres a picture of them.
  4. Kitty16

    Budgie diet.

    As some of you already know, I have 2 budgies, male and a female but what you didn’t know most likely is I have them on a seed mix diet, I know it’s really bad but I’m not sure what ingredients to get to make them fresh food, any ingredient suggestions will be a huge help, I’ve also seen some...
  5. F

    puffed grains safe for birds?

    has anyone fed puffed grains to their birds? i used to eat them a lot, and have recently thought about offering some to my green cheeks! i think that they might like the texture. any opinions on them? are they safe? ( for reference, here's a pic of puffed kamut, but there are more like puffed...
  6. S

    Where can I buy/order food for Lilac Crowned Amazon?

    I'm trying to find a new bird food for my Amazon. Are there any good online sites where I can buy bulk? There aren't many specialty bird stores in Dallas, Tx. If anyone knows of some in Dallas, please reply also.:green1:
  7. SashaElijah

    Gcc refuses to eat pellets!!

    Hello all, I recently changed Elijah's diet from seeds to pellets. However he refuses to eat the pellets. I always have to put some seeds in so that i'm sure he'll eat something. Any advice on how I can get him to like them? Will he starve if I just stop putting the seeds in? His diet consist...
  8. VulpeaNeagra

    Kaytee Exact Premium Daily Nutrition....good or bad?

    I am just wondering if anyone has used this type of pelleted parrot food for any their fids and if you did what did you think? Is it a good/decent pelleted food? they offer a colored fruity scented version and a plain version. We have two birds..a parrotlet and a green cheek conure. I...