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  1. T

    Newly added people

    Hi everyone, my name is Ty Marsh. I own Ty's Parrot Rescue in Steelton pa. :white1: :orange: :red1: :grey:
  2. 008kenichijouji

    New Bird Rescue!

    An old friend of mine has started up a new bird rescue in my hometown! I'll be volunteering there from now on. I'm so psyched! I always wanted to help do something like this, and as luck may have it, the opportunity has opened up locally! I don't want to give away my location so readily, so I...
  3. Abbiebaby

    Thinking About Starting Bird Rescue Facility in Dallas, TX.

    Hey all - I was online looking to donate some money to a local Parrot Rescue center when I realized that there were "maybe" two that I could find in the greater Dallas area. I haven't spent a ton of time seeking out all of the available options so I wanted to open this up to you all to see if...
  4. merlinsmom13

    Rescue takes in 35 birds in TX.

    There are 35 birds taken from a really bad situation in TX.:( If there is anyone interested in helping out heres the link. Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More Wings of Love Bird Haven.