bird safety

  1. L

    Please help. Burnt plastic fumes

    About 3-4 hours ago we had a cooking accident where plastic tongs were left on a burner and they started smoking and melted. They weren’t burning for long but the whole house smelled like it. Now it smells significantly less than earlier and can only be smelled when you first enter the house. I...
  2. C

    Starting miniature painting, need advice.

    So I'm thinking of going into painting minis. An old, artistic spark I once had in my younger years got re-ignited thanks to the youtube rabbit hole. However, I've lived with birds for a lot longer then that spark has existed and I'd like to go in prepared for a number of reasons. I've done some...
  3. P

    moving my cockatiel

    My cockatiels live outside. they’re right outside the backyard door and I’d love to harness train one of them (she’s the only one that can fly). However, until i do that, i bring her inside every so often so she can spread her wings and fly around the house. The issue is my method. I just reach...
  4. L

    Conure aggression

    I have a green cheek female named Coco and a male pineapple named Chiquis. They have been sexed and confirmed. Coco is about 8 years old and Chiquis is approx 1.5. They have lived in the same cage for over a year. They have always been affectionate and gotten along. Chiquis has always preferred...
  5. C

    Any Safe Air Fryers or Instapots Out There?

    I would love to buy an air fryer and possibly an instapot. Any out there that won't kill my conure? Thanks, Colleen
  6. M

    Inquiry about space heater.

    So I'm considering getting a space heater, and of course as every good parrot/bird owner knows, teflon is dangerous as is off gassing of any kind. So I was was considering this space heater Patton PUH680-N-U Milk-House Utility Heater That's the name of it. I'm purchasing it off Amazon. There...
  7. Comoriri

    How to keep your little one out of danger

    Now I'm not the most experienced bird owner, but I've owned multiple budgies in the past, and I think most can agree that parakeets are one of the most fragile birds. I'm not saying all birds aren't fragile- because they are. Birds are wonderful, smart, and clever little things who'll end up in...
  8. WannaBeAParrot

    Safety Question: Is he safe from hawks and crows while on shoulder outdoors?

    There are all kinds of critters flying and funning around where we are vacationing in rural upstate New York mountains -- lots of black crows and, I imagine, hawks, owls, etc. If Pritti is on my shoulder, should I consider him he safe from a predatory bird swooping down to get him off me. Do...