Cubelai Khan

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Feb 27, 2023
5 cockatiels, 1 african grey, 1 yellow naped amazon, 2 mexican red crowned amazons.
So I'm thinking of going into painting minis. An old, artistic spark I once had in my younger years got re-ignited thanks to the youtube rabbit hole. However, I've lived with birds for a lot longer then that spark has existed and I'd like to go in prepared for a number of reasons. I've done some research on the matter and the spot I've picked out is well ventilated, especially during the warmer parts of the year so that'll be when this starts assuming I can do this at all.

I mainly need advice on things like paints, glues, removers, and more specifically, primers. I know acrylics are safe but the more info I have on what I can and can't use, the better. Again, primer for the minis is the main one since it's an important step to making the minis look good. I'm already under the assumption that spray primer is a no-go but anything more specific will be very welcome.

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